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The water quality in Germany and Austria

We often forget the impact drinking water has on our daily lives. We bathe or shower, cook food,

clean the house, do our laundry, wash the dishes and water the garden.

Many drink the water directly from their tap - whether adults or children.

Mainly because of this, high water quality should be the standard.


Is our tap water always clean and sterile?

If you live in Germany, you usually have no reason to worry about the water supply.

In Germany, the drinking water quality is at a very high level, which is supported both by the utility companies and

guaranteed by regular checks by the Federal Environment Agency.

However, their responsibility ends at the local pipe network, ie where the water flows from the utility into the houses.

But this is exactly where it can happen that dirt particles get into the water pipes and ultimately into our house.




3 reasons how dirt particles get into your tap water


  When water pipes are repaired or reconnected in a home construction, foreign matter can get into the pipes.

Maintenance work on the public water supply system can also lead to contamination of the drinking water.  

Rust caused by corrosion, sand from the ground or metal chips are created

also a way into the water pipe system.

In addition, germs can increase due to muddy or corroded pipes.


Special Case: Do you get your water supply from the house well?


Over 99 percent of the citizens of Germany are connected to central water distribution systems.

Nevertheless, there are around 180,000 private water supplies in Germany, especially in rural areas.

These households obtain their drinking water from wells and springs and are even more so in terms of water quality

on their own as homeowners connected to the central water supply.

With a house water filter you keep foreign particles away

For homeowners, the various external influences mean above all that the water main can certainly become contaminated if certain circumstances such as construction work or repairs to the water mains come into play. Although clean water flows from the water supplier's pipes, it can transport foreign particles on the way into your house.

The installation of a water filter system can remedy this and reliably protects you from contamination in the water.

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